Power Cage Gym Set Squat Rack.

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Squat Rack - Home Gym Exercise Equipment
Power Cage Gym Set

Power Cage Gym Set, Squat Rack, and Chin Up Bar.

Power Cage Gym Set

Perform squats, pull ups, benching and more with this set! Power cage offers a safe workout environment and sturdy construction. Plate tree keeps your home gym neat and organized! Now Sold With VTX Olympic Plate Tree W/ Bar Holder holds up to 1,000 lbs of weights & Two Olympic bar holders. Features: 300 lb. Olympic Weight Set. 300 LB. SET INCLUDES: (1) 7' chrome olympic bar; (2) 45 lb. plates;
(2) 35 lb. plates; (2) 25 lb. plates; (2) 10 lb. plates; (4) 5 lb. plates; (2) 2.5 lb. plates; (2) olympic spring collars
BodyCraft Power Rack, VTX Olympic plate tree and bar rack.

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